About The Gym Copywriter

Who is the Gym Copywriter?

Emily Allen is the gym copywriter. She has always had a love for writing and is grateful she can use her writing skills to help gym owners accomplish their dreams of running a successful gym business.

From working in a gym and being your typical fitness enthusiast, Emily has seen both sides of the gym life – and uses that to help you achieve your business goals.

Emily is a California native, speaks fluent Spanish, loves ice cream for cheat meals, and her favorite day is arm day. She went to BYU-Hawaii, lived abroad in Spain, and loves traveling. She loves talking to gym owners and entrepreneurs and making big dreams into reality.

How Does The Gym Copywriter Work?

Your business, your dream of owning a gym, is becoming a reality. You’ve rented a place, bought equipment, hired employees…now, you just need members! That’s where  

The Gym Copywriter comes in. Emily will help you find members, persuade them to be a part of your gym, and keep them engaged and interested.

The Gym Copywriter is goal focused. We don’t just sell you services, we talk about your business goals and make plans to achieve them together. You have the vision for your gym business – we are here to help make that vision reality.

This goals and plans method is simple and effective. We could talk about landing pages, funnels, prospects, copy and conversions, but we’d rather cut out all the fancy words and talk like normal people – and talk about how we are gonna make your gym vision happen.

Ready to Get Started? 

Let’s talk! Send me an email at thegymcopywriter@gmail.com or contact me here. We’ll respond as soon as we can to set up a free phone meeting. During the phone meeting, we’ll talk a little bit about your business goals, vision, and your gym. We’ll set some goals and make a plan to achieve them to get the results you want.

Contact the Gym Copywriter today to get started.

Still have questions? Visit our FAQ page right here to find answers. 

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