Frequently Asked Questions

What types of copywriting services do your offer?

I offer results-driven copywriting for gyms and fitness centers. Copywriting that brings prospects to you, converts them to customers, and keeps them engaged and connected to your gym. My specialties are: Website Copy, Social Media, Email Marketing and Email Funnels. Click here to learn more about each of these copywriting services.

What can I expect when working with you?

Expect to work with a professional. I get your projects done on time, and I do them well. I’m easy to work with, and my goal is to help you meet your goals. You’ll see my enthusiasm and passion for helping your clients and you succeed in my copy. Expect results – more customers, more conversions, more clicks. More success for you, and for your customers as well.

I have a tight deadline. Can you start on my project today?

I do my best to meet your urgent needs, but I often have work scheduled in advance. I try to be flexible, and if I can arrange to help you meet your deadline, I will. Contact me here to discuss your deadlines and we can talk about options.

How long does it take you to finish my project?

Usually, projects take 2-3 weeks. But, it depends on the project. I need enough time to thoroughly research and write the best copy possible. That includes reviewing, editing, revising, and perfecting your copy. I want to make it really show all that you and your gym have to offer. And of course, to get you results. Before I start on your project, we’ll agree on a deadline, so we both know when to expect the finished product. If you need your copy faster to meet a tight deadline, just let me know. We’ll arrange a solution so you get the best copy possible in the time frame you need.

What are your fees?

The services I provide my clients are very valuable, and my unique skills allow me to solve your problems as a fitness professional. I expect you to understand the value of copy that sells, and the profit it can bring you. Because every project is unique, my fees vary depending on the project. However, I do have a fee range for various projects, to give you a ballpark amount. Before I can quote you a fee, we should discuss your goals, expected results, and project details. Contact me here to send me your project details and get a quote for your assignment.

How do you handle revisions? Do you guarantee your copy?

When we agree on a project and I submit it to you, you have the choice of two rounds of revisions. If you need more than that, we can arrange for more. My number one goal is to help you. That’s why I promise to give you copy that you are 100% satisfied with. If you aren’t satisfied with a project, just let me know. We can work together to make it exactly what you want – and what will get you the most customers.

What kind of qualifications do you have?

I’m an AWAI-trained copywriter. AWAI is the world’s leading publisher of copywriting programs. That means I’ve learned from the experts, and I know how to write copy that actually sells. You’ll rest easy knowing I’ve learned from some of the best copywriters in the field through AWAI. I’ve completed many of AWAI’s programs, and I’m constantly learning and improving – always reading books and articles on a variety of subjects. That way, I can bring you fresh ideas and convert them into copy that showcases your gym and persuades your customers to join.

Anyone can write. So why hire a freelance copywriter?

You’ll make more money. With copy that actually gets read, and makes your prospects want – need – your product…you’ll stop throwing away your marketing dollars – and start using them to get results. That means you’ll get more leads and more sales. The end result: more money in your wallet. You’ll save time. Say goodbye to spending hours slaving away writing a mediocre piece of copy. With a freelance writer, you can do what you do best: helping your customers accomplish their fitness goals. You don’t have to spend hours painfully cranking out words that you hope will sell your gym. I use proven methods and enticing words to get your prospects to try it and join. You’ll get copy that’s compelling, focused, and passionate. All the excitement and pride you have for your gym will show up in my copy. Because when your prospects see that your gym really will give them what they want, they won’t hesitate to buy.

How do I hire you?

All you have to do is contact me directly to discuss your project, or to find out more. Visit my contact page here. If it’s easier for you, you can also e-mail me at I respond to e-mails within 2 business days.

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