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New Year, Same Me – I’ll just go to the gym the first few weeks…

Updated: Dec 17, 2019

I saw that quote on someone’s post the other day and it made me laugh (cause it’s so true).

But…you can use it to your benefit.

Have you noticed all the fitness commercials on TV recently?

There’s the Peloton bike commercial with the girl working out in her beautiful house, then her cute little boy comes down right as she finishes her workout and she picks him up. There’s the Nordic Track commercial with Jillian Michaels where you can burn 3x…4x…5x! the calories and lose a ton of weight – just walking.

I’m not complaining – these commercials are (1) actually good commercials because they’re persuasive and (2) a great example of knowing your target audience.

Why are all the workout commercials suddenly on TV – in January, the first month of the new year?

Does “new year new you” ring a bell? Obviously – it’s because of new year’s resolutions. The “lose weight” resolution is the #1 resolution for 2017, according to statistics from statisticsbrain.com.

So, clearly, early January is the perfect time to sell people fitness products, personal training, and gym memberships that will help them achieve their new year’s resolutions.

If you’re doing new year’s deals right now for your gym – awesome job. If you aren’t, well you can still play the new year’s resolution card. How?

Because human nature is still in your favor. 80% of people fail at their resolutions…before March! That means you can play the “Don’t give up on those New Year’s Resolutions just yet!” card. Show them that with your gym, they really can get fit this year.

And that “new year, new you” can really happen.

P.S. Need help coming up with a New Year’s related promotion or email campaign? Let’s talk. Email me today so we can talk about your gym and your goals – and how we can get BIG results. Email me at thegymcopywriter@gmail.com today.

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