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Do Your Prospects Trust You?

Updated: Dec 17, 2019

Would you lend $100 to someone you just met? That depends – on one thing. Trust. If you trust them, you’d give it to them. But if you don’t trust them, no way.

It’s the same thing for your prospects. They need to trust you if you want to convert them to members. If you can grow trust, you can grow membership.

As you market your gym business online, you need to build trust. It’s a little different than building trust in person, but it’s just as important. Show your prospects they can trust you, and get ready for your marketing results to skyrocket.

Today, I’m giving you 3 ways to build trust and increase membership with your online marketing:

1. Have a Professional Web Presence

Imagine your prospect is looking for a gym to join in their area. They search gyms near them on the internet, and 3 options come up.

One of those is you. But how will your prospect compare you to your competitors? Your website. When your prospects click on your website, you need to wow them. How do you do that? With a professional site, quality photos, and strong copy that keeps them reading, and makes them fall in love with your gym.

You could have the greatest gym in the world…but if you have a crappy website, no one will believe you. Your website is a reflection of your gym. If your website is old and outdated – they’ll think your gym is old and outdated. But if your website is professional and exciting – they’ll think your gym is professional and exciting.

Just remember, people trust professionals. And professionals have amazing websites.

2. Become an Authority

Hop in your prospect’s shoes. You want to get in shape, and you need a trainer. Would you rather have your buddy, who’s 50 pounds overweight help you…or Ben Greenfield, who’s a world-renowned fitness expert, help you get in shape?

It’s obvious. But many gyms don’t get it. You need to become a trusted authority in the gym world. How can you do this?

Choose someone to be the face of your company. It can be the owner, the head trainer, or even a devoted gym-goer. Why? Because people don’t connect with companies. They connect with people. If you have a real person as the face of your business, they can attract more customers than your gym as a company.

Then, you let that person be the center of your social media posts, and the voice behind your expert opinions and training tips. Over time, people will grow to trust your spokesperson, and they will connect that trust to your gym. They’ll become the trusted authority everyone wants to follow.

3. Deliver Results

What makes someone a trusted authority? Their training? Their credentials? Their knowledge? That’s part of it, but really, it’s all about results.

You could have all the knowledge in the world, but if you don’t do anything with it, it’s useless. If your dentist screws up your teeth instead of fixing him, he might be an authority, but you wouldn’t trust him.

We trust people who deliver results.

For your gym members, those results are whatever you promised them to get them to your gym – quality customer service…a supportive, loving community…a happier, healthier lifestyle. And if they don’t get those things – they won’t stay, and they won’t come back.

BONUS tip: Build Trust With One, Build Trust With Many

When you built trust with one person, other people will see that, and they will trust you as well. It’s how our society works. How can you apply it?

Testimonials. Get your trusted customers to say good things about you, put those things on your website, on Facebook, on Instagram – and other people will see them, and they’ll trust you too. Build trust with one, build trust with many.

That’s how it’s done, ladies and gentlemen. Try it for yourself. Make it happen.

P.S. Trust can help you get money, and it can help you get money faster. In his book, The Speed of Trust, Stephen Covey says that trust speeds things up. And when there’s a lack of trust, business is slowed down – dramatically. So speed things up using these methods to build trust with your customers. Email me today at thegymcopywriter@gmail.com to step on the gas pedal and get more customers, more sales, and more success.


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