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What You Can Learn From Your 150 Facebook Friends

Updated: Dec 17, 2019

How many people do you know?

Friends, family, co-workers, people that go to your gym, parents from your kid’s soccer teams, people that work at your kid’s school, your neighbors, your friends from church, your dentist.

Odds are, more than you think.

Ever heard of Dunbar’s number? Dunbar’s number is the number of people we can handle having meaningful social relationships with before our brain explodes. And that number is between 100 and 250 people, but specifically, (according to Dunbar) that number is 150.

And, according to one article, the average person has about 155 friends on Facebook. Coincidence? I think not.

So…what does this mean for you and your business?

A lot.

Because everyone that you know knows 100-250 other people. And people talk. So when you tell someone something that’s worth talking about, they’ll probably tell about 150 other people. Then those people will all tell 150 other people.

That’s how something goes viral.

Joe Girard – the world’s greatest salesman – talks about this in his book, How to Sell Anything to Anyone (great book, you can get it right here http://amzn.to/2q3XqeU).

He calls it Girard’s Law of 250, which, just like Dunbar’s number, is that the average person knows 250 people in their life.

He says that “this means that if I see 50 people in a week, and only two of them are unhappy with the way I treat them, at the end of the year there will be about 26,000 people influenced by those two in just a week.”

This works because people like to talk about negative things. People remember negative things. It’s human nature. You could be having a great day, but if a bird comes and poops on your head, then that’s what you are going to remember from that day. And that’s what you’re going to tell everyone.

“Can you afford to have just one person come to see you and leave sore and unsatisfied? Not if just an average person influences 250 others in the course of his or her life.” Darn right.

Every single customer is important. If you forget that, then you won’t have any customers. So don’t forget it.

Treat every member of your gym like royalty, and they’ll tell their friends, and you’ll grow your customer base. And you won’t lose customers either. Win-win.

Create personal relationships with your gym members. Get to know them. Talk to them about them. And don’t do it just for your profit (because that’s rude, and they anyone will see right through it). Do it because you care about your members.

Not only will it grow your business, it’ll grow your 150 friends too. And who doesn’t want that?

P.S. One great way to keep in touch with your prospects is to get them on an email list. Then send them valuable emails that they’ll look forward to reading. And yours truly can write awesome emails that your members will love. Email me today at thegymcopywriter@gmail.com for emails that are personal, informative, and valuable to your gym members.

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