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Generator Crossfit - Provo, UT

From High School Sweethearts to Gym Owners

Generator Crossfit was started in 2013 by Dave and Damian, two passionate CrossFit athletes with years of experience in strength training, conditioning, and coaching. Two years later, high school sweethearts Brian and Sheigh moved from sunny Arizona to the Utah Valley and began coaching at GCF. In March of this year, they bought the gym and, like Brian says, they “haven’t looked back since.”

The program set-up at GCF is unique. Since it’s a strength-based gym, programs include interval work, benching, strongman movements, mobility, and bodybuilding. The workouts are tailored to you, making each workout unique and applicable to your fitness goals.

Their goal at GCF is twofold – first, to get people strong and fit. And second, to create an atmosphere where people can be comfortable with where they’re at physically and emotionally while they work for what they want.

And, from what their members say about GCF, it’s a goal that they’re accomplishing – and not just accomplishing, but destroying. BJ says that GCF isn’t like any other CrossFit. In his own words, “Generator is a great environment of inclusion, understanding, and a place of intense growth and personal wellness.” Another member, Brett, says that the atmosphere at GCF is “always a good mixture of friendly competition, determination, and lighthearted fun.”

With top of the line equipment, a beautiful, open facility with 5 bay doors, an experienced coaching staff, and a friendly and competitive atmosphere, GCF is the place to be. It’s no surprise that Best Things Utah named Generator Crossfit the “#1 Best Crossfit Gym in Utah.”

When asked if he’d like to share any special accomplishment or achievement, Brian simply said, “I feel like anyone who walks through our door and believes in our gym enough to sign up is a success.” It certainly is. Brian and Sheigh truly care about their members and their goals, and it shows.

One member said it’s “the only gym worth going to. The coaches not only know you by name, but they care enough about you to keep track of when you are or aren’t at the gym. They’re great at pushing you to your limits to make sure you get the best of your workout. The staff make sure you feel included, welcome and comfortable. From unique WOD, tips, tricks, and helpful hints, after you come here you won’t want to go anywhere else.”

Come see for yourself! Right now, you can get Generator Crossfit’s two-week Foundations program for just $1. Check out their website below or text or call Brian and Sheigh today to talk about your fitness goals.

How to Contact This Gym:


144 W 400 S

Provo, Utah 84606

(801) 709-0122


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