• Emily Allen

OFF Kauai - Kauai, HI

Fun, Empowering, Effective

With vibrant accent lighting, a top-notch music system, and a club-like atmosphere, OFF Kauai is a fitness center unlike any other. Sundey Allen, owner and master trainer, has successfully combined yoga, HIIT, boxing, dance, and TRX to create workouts that are not only effective, but fun. In Sundey’s own words, “the vibe is electric.”

It all started by accident, what Sundey calls, “accidental magic.” She was a single mom who wanted to be and feel strong enough to be what her kids deserved. She started running, competing in local races, and winning.

She recalls, “feeling empowered became fascinating to me.” She noticed that many moms wanted to feel that way, and that it was something that was missing from their lives. As her friends and others began to ask her about her fitness program and lifestyle, she decided to start a group that met twice a week to work out. That group grew quickly and started to meet almost every day.

Pretty soon, Sundey rented out a facility, and Organic Functional Fitness was born. Since then, they have purchased a new space for OFF in Lawai, and their tight-knit community continues to grow.

Rani, one OFF community member, shares, “OFF has been and is such a positive, fun, safe and empowering place where I can just go and do me. Sundey and her instructors are gifted, somehow, they can get me to do more than I could possibly imagine (cause who else thinks this stuff up!) or thought possible, and have me laughing while I do it.”

Their mission at OFF is simple – laugh, sweat, inspire. With a variety of classes like Hype Yoga that combines yoga with dance and fat-burning exercises, and OFF 360 that takes reps, strength training, and hip hop all to the next level, OFF is not just extremely effective, it’s also extremely fun.

Another community member shares, “Sundey Allan has created an environment where I’m empowered to focus on self-love, self-care and regardless of age or fitness level, OFF is a studio where I come to play! Training at OFF is a lifestyle, it’s my time to play and have fun!”

Sundey says that the number of success stories are far and wide. At OFF, that feeling of empowerment is there every single day. Things you never thought you would be able to do, happen. Mothers who never thought they would see abs again look in the mirror and are amazed and proud of what they see. People who never thought they could keep up with the group set and accomplish goals. People run their first races. And do their first pull-up. All accomplishments that empower.

Check out their website below to learn more about OFF Kauai and watch their video to get a taste of what working out is like at their facility.

How to Contact This Gym:


3580 Koloa Road

Kalaheo, HI 96741

(808) 332-7000


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