• Emily Allen

The Art of Fitness - Honolulu, HI

“My whole perspective of working out changed when I met Ray.”

These days, with so many people in the fitness world and on social media claiming to be personal trainers, it’s hard to sort through all the noise to find the real deal. At the Art of Fitness in Honolulu, Hawaii, Ray Sagum is the real deal.

AOF’s most popular program is their Unlimited Personal Training Membership. Their trainers, including owner and former powerlifter, Ray, all have many years of experience in all types of training. Ray himself talks about the difficulty of finding a good personal trainer. He says, “many certified personal trainers have little to no experience and they're charging too much for too little knowledge.”

But at AOF, that’s not the case. Members rave about Ray and what he’s done to help them achieve their fitness goals. Members can’t seem to say enough good things about Ray, comments like “this guy is the real deal” and “Ray stands out 100%” fill AOF’s Yelp page.

After doing personal training with Ray, Hannah shared, “my experience with Ray has been life changing to say the least. After perusing around commercial gyms, cross fit programs, and gym memberships, I finally found the AOF and it was perfect match for me. All of the work that Ray puts into helping me reach my goals inspires me to stay consistent with all the progress. I used to put off going to the gym. Now, it's one of the things I look forward to most-- seeing myself get better.”

Melissa also shared, “My whole perspective of working out changed when I met Ray. Ray takes the time to understand your fitness goals and helps you to actually achieve them. For the last 2 months, I have been doing one-on-one training sessions with Ray once a week and attending his circuit classes twice a week. Ray helped me knock off 20lbs in 2 months.”

Ray started the AOF in 2013 because he wanted to create a space where beginners could work out without feeling intimidated. Their facility, located in the center of Honolulu, is totally private, allowing gym members to work on their fitness goals with their personal trainers without interference.

“Besides having the most qualified trainers in the state, our facility also offers services that are not found in your average gym,” Ray shares. Some of these services include wellness programs, an infrared sauna, a hyperbaric chamber, and access to a pressure point specialist.

Come check out the programs offered at the AOF or contact Ray below to talk about your fitness goals and schedule a personal training session today.

How to Contact This Gym:


1750 South King St., #200

Honolulu, Hawaii 96826

(808) 600-5768


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