You do the fun part - we'll do the rest. Here's what we do: 

Video Marketing

Exciting, professional, shareable videos for your website and social media sites. 

We make exciting, professional, shareable videos for your website and social media sites. You’ll plan with our team of videographers and directors to determine what type of video will work best for your gym. Then, our team of videographers will film at your gym or fitness center, edit and create your videos, and make you a video that you’ll want to show everyone.

We create 2 min website home page videos and social media videos, 2 min virtual gym tours, 60 second social media teaser videos.

If you have a different video idea, just let us know and we’ll make it happen.

Website creation & design

Effective, stylish, and smart websites and website pages.

If you’re just starting out as a gym owner (or you want to completely renovate your old, outdated website) and you need an effective, stylish, and smart website, you’ve come to the right place. We offer whole website creation – including writing the content for your pages, designing the outline of your site, photography and website and domain name setup.


Articles & Content

All the essential written content you need - from sales brochures to emails and newsletters.

We write the essential content you need – articles about health and fitness and topics specific to your gym, email offers and special announcements, “success story” articles, web pages about your gym’s services and specialties, flyers and brochures, posters, print advertisements, e-newsletters, print newsletters, blog posts.

Let The Gym Copywriter help you with all the writing projects that give you a headache, so you can spend more time doing what you love.

Social Media

Social media set-up, strategy,  planning, and management.

Using Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube to promote your gym business can be intimidating, but with The Gym Copywriter’s social media planning and strategy, we’ll help you create a plan that will be easy, effective, and enjoyable.

We set up social media pages, create a social media strategy and plan, and can even post and monitor and manage your social media feeds and engage with your gym community.

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